Welcome to the art studio Elke Heim in Maikammer/Pfalz

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Abstract bird
Lonely house

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Here you can find us. Studio visits only after previous arrangement

Maikammer in the Palatinate, my place of residence

I was born in the Palatinate, live and work as a geriatric nurse in the Palatinate. To find a balance to my demanding job I found relaxation and creativity in painting. I paint with Acrylic and in encaustic and graphite drawingsAll pictures are made by myself.

As a true Palatine, I am connected with the region by my love for the land and its people. The Palatinate is not only the center of my life and home, it is also unique and worth seeing with its charming and idyllic villages, estates, houses and wineries.

Here you can see all my pictures in a randomly arranged picture gallery, just to look at and get inspired. To the detail pages and the Shop of the individual images can be reached via the navigation bar. By kicking on one of the pictures this is enlarged in a LIghtbox. Have fun browsing.